The “Back to My Dreams” website provides a comprehensive overview of the design and development process behind this unique and personal musical project. It delves into the creator’s endeavor to surprise their spouse with two custom pop songs as a heartfelt birthday gift. Leveraging the creative gig website Fiverr, talented singers and songwriters Rachel Philipp and Nekane were enlisted to bring the musical vision to life.

The one page website I created elaborates on the meticulous creative brief that guided the project, specifying the desired style, genre, and influences for the songs. The dream pop genre, characterized by its lazy melodies and breathy vocals, served as the foundation, with the band Cannons being a significant source of inspiration. Furthermore, the page highlights Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams” as a notable influence, particularly in terms of the breathy vocal style and chord structure. The lyrics were carefully crafted to convey a sense of longing and reflection, echoing Swift’s plea to remember past love, perfectly capturing the essence of the project’s theme.

Screenshots of the completed Back to My Dreams website project.

Beyond the musical aspects, the site showcases the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) throughout the project. AI chatbot ChatGPT played a role in generating the song lyrics, enabling a collaborative approach in crafting the perfect words. The page also reveals the utilization of AI-generated artwork and imagery. Leonardo.Ai facilitated the creation of the album cover, with the AI responding to specific text prompts to achieve the desired dreamy, synthwave-inspired aesthetic. Additionally, Kaiber, an AI-driven video tool, played a part in generating a captivating music video that accompanied the song.

Illustration of women face in clouds against vibrant sky background
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Back to My Dreams AI generated music video.

Overall, the website reflects the meticulous attention to detail, artistic vision, and innovative integration of AI technologies in creating a memorable musical experience. It serves as a testament to the power of collaboration, creativity, and the utilization of cutting-edge tools to transform an idea into a tangible expression of love and artistry.