Notice about Hotlinking and Bandwidth  

So You Want to See If Your Image Can Be Hotlinked

Want to stop hotlinkers? Is your web hosting bandwidth bill growing each month? Use our online hotlink image tester below to check your htaccess settings to stop hotlinking and bandwidth theft.

Test Image Hotlinking Protection

(Don't forget to clear your browser cache to prevent your image from loading from the browser's cache instead of the remote url you are testing.)

After entering your URL, if you do not see your image load, your file cannot be hotlinked. If you see the image display on this page, it's time to use an htaccess file to stop hotlinking of your site files and prevent others from using your bandwidth. If you are having problems with your site .htaccess file or server settings, contact your web host provider for additional assistance.

Where Can I Find More Information?

What is Hotlinking? offers an explanation of hotlinking and bandwidth theft and why it is a problem for webmasters. offers web design templates, banner design, logos, and other web design resources.